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BMA Rings, who pioneered the wedding band industry for over 30 years in Turkey and over 40 countries, produces the highest quality and world class wedding rings with the latest production technologies.

Producing every product with expertise, creativity, charm and special technology, BMA Rings is pleased to present the new and innovative 3D Wedding Ring Configurator to the industry. With the Wedding Ring Configurator designed in accordance with the latest technology, you can make a difference by offering your valuable customers the option to "personalize" their unique wedding rings.

We invite the entrepreneurs who have faith in that they can catch up with the standards of our brand or our colleagues wishing to grow their businesses, to be a part of our “Franchising” system, with a view to extend our internationally qualified brand by means of both domestic and international expansions.

Our franchising system will not only enable the member businesses to offer their customers to opportunity to design their wedding rings together with the mosttrusted company of the sector by using the system we have developed and also give them the chance to have access to our highly technological infrastructure via the data connection to be established between our center and your store and thus perform their businesses in such a way that will make a huge difference in the sector.

With the Franchising packages we have prepared for you, you can offer an outstanding service to your customers who visit your store, by using our sample wedding ring sets and module options, which are compatible with the Configurator.

If you are interested and would like to have more details, please contact us today by filling the form.

It will be our pleasure to see you as a member of the BMA Rings family.




Store decoration samples available in our dealer packages;

BMA Rings ACity Premium Outlet



Module options that can be adapted to the store layouts;

Modul 1

Modul 2

Modul 3

Modul 4



Sample wedding ring sets compatible with our Configurator, so that you can provide your customers with a perfect service;


Each customised order is shipped in a special box secured with hologram seal, along with warranty certificate as a proof of guarantee for the authenticity and quality of our products.